Guide to Small Business Restructure

With interest rates rising and predictions a global recession might be on the cards, many small businesses in Australia are finding it difficult to meet their financial obligations and find themselves wondering what they can do to keep their business operational. It should come as some comfort to know that business distress doesn’t necessarily mean… Continue reading Guide to Small Business Restructure

How Safe Harbour Can Help Protect Directors From Personal Liability

What are the Safe Harbour provisions? The Safe Harbour provisions under the Corporations Act 2001 provide protections to assist company directors from personal liability for insolvent trading. The provisions enable directors who suspect their company may be insolvent, to find an alternative course of action other than immediately opting for administration or liquidation. To understand… Continue reading How Safe Harbour Can Help Protect Directors From Personal Liability

What is Voluntary Administration?

Voluntary administration is the process whereby a business in financial distress is assessed by an independent administrator to determine the best financial resolution for that company. The administrator could be appointed by the company directors, the creditors of a company, or by the court.

5 Reasons to Consider Voluntary Administration

Voluntary administration is a type of insolvency process for companies in financial strife. It’s designed to help companies, with the help of an external, independent expert, to resolve their insolvency …

10 Signs Your Business Needs to be Restructured

Hundreds of Aussie companies collapse every year, and most businesses end up in liquidation rather than returning to trading. With disruptive forces like technology and competitive market conditions, companies can …